Bella Paella wants to say “Hola!”

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Bella Paella is a family run Spanish mobile catering company which is run by Julian & Maria Jimenez Moreno.
Established in 2004, Bella Paella has been cooking and serving our delicious family Paella recipe to the British Public for over 15 years.

Our incredibly simple but delicious recipe is a fresh meat based paella using chicken, pork and chorizo prepared in gigantic paella pans at Continental Markets throughout the UK.

The likely hood is we will be in a town near you soon.

So keep a look out for our stand when the Continental Market visits you and come and see how to cook the most famous Spanish dish, the Bella Paella way!

If you want to get in touch just e-mail us at BellaPaella@hotmail.com

To find out about all our events just click here.