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The History of Paella

The History of Paella – According to Bella Paella!

484260445_b13d6176d3_zBella Paella has been cooking this famous rice dish for nearly a decade professionally and a lifetime socially. So here is our History of Paella, passed down through the generations.

Paella is one of Spain’s most well known traditional dishes.
The name ‘Paella’ comes from the name of the round, shallow pans in which the rice dish is cooked.
The paella originated in Valencia and was devised as a hearty, hot meal to feed the farm workers in the countryside. Ingredients such as tomatoes, onions and snails were added to the rice as was rabbit chicken or duck, as these were readily available on the land.
Although many people associate paella with seafood, the original Paella Valenciana contained only meat (Usually Rabbit, Duck, Chicken or Snails)

Nowadays each region and indeed family in Spain have their own preferred recipe and there is no one set of ingredients which makes up a ‘typical paella’. Indeed the whole idea of the paella is that whatever the cook has to hand is used and can include seafood, shellfish, and a variety of vegetables.

The very idea behind a Paella embodies the essence of Bella Paella. The Dish is to be cooked to feed many people, sharing a good hearty meal with friends over an open fire. In fact traditionally, a paella was cooked over an open flame created by orange and pine branches so the aromatic smoke from the burning branches would infuse with the rice.

We use the freshest local ingredients from every town we visit, to give you the freshest and most delicious Paella possible!

The History of Our Paella

Dos TorresOur Paella has been passed down through generations of strong, confident and typically Spanish women.

Cooking food for their families, who are out working in the local town, or farming the land. The small town in Cordoba, Dos Torres translates roughly as the Two Towers.

In 2011 the Town had 2,555 inhabitants and it is here that our Paella recipe was started.

It was Julian’s Grandmother who originally taught him how to cook the succulent Paella, which is now cooked in market towns all over the country. His home town of Dos Torres being in the centre of Spain didn’t have access to fish or shellfish readily and relied on the farms of cattle and pork to survive.

Peppers and Onions were easily accessible as were Chickens and Pigs. The pork meat was often cured to last through the winter months and as a result one of the key ingredients in our Paella, is the paprika rich Chorizo sausage.

Another ingredient key to the Bella Paella recipe is chicken stock, although changed from the days of old, the modern day equivalent gives our paella a flavour that works so well with the Garlic and Spanish Wine that is put into the recipe just before adding the rice.

Then finally, the most important ingredient added to the Paella is patience. A lesson taught by his grandmother, stays with him in the production of the best Paella. Waiting on each stage until, every bit is cooked to perfection and making sure the rice is light and fluffy.

That’s how you make the perfect Paella, and that’s why the original recipe stays true to the teachings across many generations.

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