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Who is Bella Paella?

Julian and Wife Maria - Bella Paella

Julian and his Wife Maria

Bella Paella was started in February 2004 by Julian Jimenez Moreno (the smiling one on the left!).

Julian comes from a small inland town called Dos Torres, near Cordoba in Andalucia, Spain. It is here where family life is number one and traditional family recipes were passed down through generations to bring you today’s fantastic Bella Paella.

After working in Menorca in the hotel and restaurant business for ten years, he moved to England in 1998, and now resides in Lincolnshire (and also spending a few months of the year in his wife’s home country, the Dominican Republic!).

Always having been a great lover of food and cooking in Spain, Julian wanted to share his passion for great traditional Spanish street-food  and he began by offering private ‘paella parties’ in the Lincolnshire area and has now become involved in travelling throughout the UK with Continental Markets.

The core of the business has always revolved around traditional family values and now after 9 years Julian has travelled the length and breadth of the country, producing fresh Paella for the people of Britain to enjoy!.

The business is always looking for ways to expand, and welcomes the opportunity for anyone to get in touch. If you don’t mind an early morning and want to learn more about the ethos of Bella Paella, why not get in touch with us here.


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